Active International
A dynamic and creative space for teamwork and collaboration in business management consultants Active International's new office.
London, UK
designed by
CBS Office Interiors
built by
CBS Office Interiors

We’ve looked into some of the world’s most innovative and creative workspaces that include vibrant workspace furniture and spaces that encourage collaboration with a variety of spaces to work in and around the office. Companies use their workspaces as a way of attracting the next generation and top talent for their business. Agile and inspiring workspaces are a great recruiting tool that can increase future employee’s productivity and attract brand conscious millennials who seek spaces that have a creative design and allow them to express their personality and freedom to work wherever they wish daily.

We worked alongside CBS Office Interiors of Ascot to create a dynamic and creative space for business management consultants Active International.

Their aim? To design an informal and trendy space used for meetings and collaborative work within the office with a focal point wall.

We provided our Mediastor product. A unique and customisable storage wall with creative city graphics used for presenting pitches, storage and more.  Mediastor allows employees to hold meetings and presentations with an integrated screen, also supporting audio-visual hardware for video conferences too.  All cables and hardware is discreetly contained within the design making this dynamic wall ideal for meeting rooms.

We were delighted with the final product and the overall look of the space designed for Active International. The Mediastor was customised to fit in with the brand’s style integrated with a large screen that is perfect for training sessions, meetings and more.

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