To build a space that encouraged and showcased their creativity, Adobe worked with Gensler to create their new London headquarters, designed to be future-proof, agile and readily adaptable to the changing demands of a fast-growing tech company.
London, UK
designed by
Gensler Architects

US software giants Adobe employ 600 staff in the UK and now occupy the 7th, 8th and 13th floors of the shiny White Collar Factory that now towers above East London’s Silicon Roundabout. These new headquarters were designed to be future-proof, agile and readily adaptable to the changing demands of a fast-growing technology business. Furthermore, as Adobe are the makers of creatives’ favourite software programs – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to name but a few – their offices had to both encourage and showcase their creativity. In order to do this, they brought leading architecture, design and planning firm Gensler on-board.

So, the 13th floor was orientated towards client-facing business, the 8th floor was orientated towards services, and the 7th floor was made into more of a social space with table tennis, video games and lots of multipurpose meeting areas – it’s here that we fitted out four of our bestselling Railway Carriages in green and red-orange, providing quieter spaces within the completely open-plan offices for more intimate meetings and conversations. We’re happy to say that they’ve been a great success.

Adobe’s Site Operations Manager Mark Bell explains: “We have creative third spaces – interactive social spaces with lounge seating and booths. We worked quite hard to have these spaces – where people can have creative collisions and where the teapoints are – at the centre of the space, away from the windows. We really wanted to encourage those accidental meetings here, in the middle.”

A celebration of art and science within the physical world, Adobe’s new playful London offices in the heart of the vibrant community that is Tech City, signifies the tech giant’s commitment to the future of the UK’s digital economy with an exceptional environment that is optimally aligned to empower users, while also meeting current and future business needs.