A fresh interior for London-based start up, Hiber, helping homes become more comfortable and energy-efficient in a space that is homely, welcoming and organic.
London, UK
designed by
Peldon Rose

When Hiber, a London-based start up that helps to make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient by providing finance for boilers and other related products, decided to move into larger premises just off the Strand, they wanted their office to look homely, welcoming and organic. As such, they hired office design and refurbishment specialists – and long-time collaborators of Spacestor – Peldon Rose to create a fresh space in which their staff could feel calm and productive. It was important to have plentiful natural light, uplifting biophilia, and a variety of breakout areas and meeting spaces fit for every purpose.

Spacestor were pleased to provide Hiber with a large, customised Storagewall combining a raw wooden frame spiced up with warmly coloured back panels and, at its heart, a recessed Snugglestor in pale blue upholstery. Not only does this brighten up the room, it also provides a soft, peaceful sanctuary away from one’s desk. Furthermore, in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, we also provided some Palisades Wood storage units, which were topped with verdant plant boxes, like small island oases floating amongst the open-plan office. The resulting space is modern, but also sunny and natural; just how we like it.