Leading Financial Services Client
Jacobs have recently collaborated with a leading financial services client to design their new workspace in Texas. A stunning space providing a variety of comfortable working areas to suit many different working styles.
Westlake, TX
designed by

We’re delighted to have installed five of our bestselling products lines—Residence Work, Railway Carriage, Snugglestor, Palisades Grid and HotLocker—in the Texas headquarters of a leading financial services client.

The design firm Jacobs created an open office with a welcoming café feel, and we were pleased to have so many of our products featured prominently. One walkway is lined with Snugglestor seating and two-person Railway Carriage meeting pods, providing a variety of comfortable spaces for impromptu meetings and sit-downs. The large central space features a standalone four-person Railway Carriage and a one-person Residence Work soundproofed booth as focal points. Meanwhile, our Palisades Grid system is used as a zone divider, while our HotLockers offer storage for employees moving around this forward-thinking, hybrid workplace.