An executive and high-end reception and meeting space within the building entrance at the Reading location of one of the world's most luxury car brands, Porsche.
Reading, UK
designed by
Showcase Interiors


With 45 Porsche centres across the UK, brand and design consistency is key in the creation of their retail corporate identity which they call "Destination Porsche". For this luxury car brand, giving clients the ultimate experience and space to be welcomed into, was essential. Working with leader furniture dealer Showcase, they created a sleek reception space, that flows into the other ground floor amenities; a private meeting space, luxury barista bar and socialising area and lots of breakout seating and booths.

Providing a division between the soft seating areas and other zones within the space, our Palisades II product allows the open-plan space to perform multiple functions. Combining shelving, locker boxes, planter boxes and moss panels all together in each run creates an impactful statement and allowed the design teams to bring in important biophilic elements to the space. An elegant expression of an architecture within an architecture, Palisades II allows for the simple and attractive division of space without building walls, and without blocking light.

Integrated within another of the Palisades II configurations, a large TV unit allows the zone divider it to become a display unit and provide even more value to the space. Directly behind the reception desk, and full-height run of our Storagewall provides space efficient storage, right where it is needed most. Whilst it's modular nature allows it to be customized to each individual need, the ability to create the built in look continues the bespoke feel.