Beyond the Desk: Pottery & Punch

Pottery & Punch, held at the Spacestor London Design Centre. Guests from the workplace and design industry participated in an immersive hands-on pottery workshop, using air-dry clay and a variety of tools and paints to craft their own unique pottery masterpieces. The workshop was a hit, with participants taking inspiration from their design background and inner artist to create stunning pottery pieces.

The event brought together designers, architects, and furniture dealers for an engaging and immersive experience, creating a relaxed atmosphere that was the perfect backdrop for networking and mingling with fellow professionals. In an industry where collaboration sparks success, socialisation can be a catalyst for ideas, intrigue and inspiration.

As the name promises, throughout the evening, attendees enjoyed a selection of refreshing homemade punches, adding a celebratory twist to the summer evening. Delicious refreshments from a taster menu were served for the guests to enjoy whilst taking part in the workshop.

In addition to the workshop, guests toured our newly revamped showroom layout, featuring the latest products, the complete Portals family, and the 'day 2' configuration of Aeonica and Verandas. This provided a fantastic opportunity to explore Spacestor’s innovative workplace solutions and sparked many inspiring conversations.