Workspace of The Week - Adidas, Herzogenaurach, Germany
Introducing co-working with a bright, open plan environment, Adidas's new co-creative space encourages collaboration and casual interaction.

Back in 2011, sportswear brand, Adidas completed their stunning new Headquarters based in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

The bright and open plan building featured an array office desks with a clean white aesthetic design and decorated with bright Adidas apparel throughout. Last year, Adidas and ACTINCOMMON designed a brand new co-creative space on the ground floor of the office to encourage Adidas employees to co-create and socialise in a large and open plan environment. The space is split up into 5 sections and includes 3 co-creation platforms with bench desks, screens, booths and meeting points, a smoothie bar and a lounge area with plenty of beanbags.

The open, vibrant landscape features raised wood finished platforms acting as sociable seating areas for employees to enjoy casual interaction while working or during their break. An open café allows employees to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner all under one roof and the opportunity to relax on bean bags and soft seating located on the raised decking.

A dynamic meeting point created using vibrant yellow curtains is also located on this floor offering another unique meeting space within the office along with a large screen integrated into the wall for presentations and conference calls and each part of the co-creative space is decorated with lush greenery and large trees to emulate the outdoors. We are inspired by Adidas's aim to introduce co-working within their headquarters and the ability to design an attractive and unique environment to encourage creativity and attract top talent too.

Take a look at Adidas’s Co-creation space in Herzogenaurach .


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