Workspace of the Week - Cacau Show Headquarters, São Paulo
Cacau Show, a Brazilian chocolate manufacturer, has recently completed its new headquarters in Sao Paulo. A workspace complete with a variety of features to promote employee wellbeing, and a design inspired by what is most important to them - cocoa.

In order to raise the level of integration and synergy between areas and teams, Cacau Show sought a new location that would be able to allocate all employees in a single environment without divisions, to increase productivity and encourage a collaborative culture. It also had to be welcoming, with a home-like feel.

The location of the headquarters enables easy access to both factories and suppliers as well as contributing to the local community by generating income and providing employment for the neighbouring cities.

The whole project is inspired by cocoa – Cacau Show’s raw material – and chocolate. For example, the greenhouse at the entrance of the complex has a truffle form – one of the principal company products. All areas have been designed to provide humanized and sustainable environments.

The workspace has several different areas such as reception, meeting rooms, 4,000 meters dedicated to the workstation, bleachers and the Coffice – where people can work whilst having a coffee. Also included are training rooms; a library and a restaurant.

Cacau Show Headquarters is a huge open space office with lots of coworking areas that allow collaborative work, inspired by trends in Silicon Valley. The project was exactly what Cacau Show needed to unify all the teams, areas and people through architectural concepts, design and furnishing.