Workspace of the Week - Hilti, Moscow
Hilti’s Russian headquarters are an eclectic mix of old and new; a fearless red and black colour palette leads to a tranquil plant-filled refuge area, and a deafeningly noisy area used for demonstrating tools on concrete shares the same office space as a silent library.

Established almost 80 years ago, European-born Hilti develops, manufactures and markets products for the construction industry. The architects at OFFCON Architectural Bureau found that the previous office faced some challenges such as a poor connection between departments, outdated engineering systems and a lack of collaborative workspaces.

Two fire engine red staircases are the central office spine, ensuring a flow of communication and engagement between floors. Built using Hilti products, the stairs are a deafening statement at what Hilti equipment can do.

The colour red symbolises strength, power and determination, whilst black is associated with authority and wealth. It is no mistake that OFFCON have used these as the prevalent colours throughout the office. The architectural elements used throughout share them same connotations, such as concrete, steel and rough metal fixtures.

The products Hilti makes are strong, powerful and demand attention. However, the office is for people, and people need space, calming and collaborative areas. This is where the eclectic mix comes in: Hilti HQ in Russia provides employees with a gym, massage room and library that is to be used in total silence (to enable concentration).

Whilst there are enclosed head offices dotted throughout the building, they are allowed to be shared by fellow employees and used as meeting rooms. In shared workspaces, biophilic touches have been used to bring nature in to an otherwise urban environment.

The attention to staff wellbeing demonstrates Hilti’s focus on equality. OFFCON have managed to demonstrate a balance between opposing forces; relaxation rooms housed in austere materials, and subtle acoustic elements to counteract relentless product-testing, which overall create an extremely impressive workspace.