Workspace of The Week - ICRAVE, New York City.
Award-winning design and branding firm, ICRAVE, made their new space to encourage collaboration and interaction. The cool New York loft design vibe in the heart of a vibrant and trendy city is sure to attract the best talent.

When it comes to collaboration, award-winning design and branding firm ICRAVE does it right.

Due to the fast growth of staff, the company moved into a brand new 8,000 square foot space in the desirable area of Madison Square Park.

This space was made for interaction and boasts a range of flexible areas that encourage collaboration too.

Entering the office you’ll find a welcoming reception area with the brand’s name proudly lit up on the wall above the reception desk that doubles up as a DJ booth.

This space can also be used for informal meetings and interaction with a stylish high table and chairs.

The conference room is a fantastic versatile space that can be opened to the workspace or closed off for more formal meetings. The large wooden 360 doors swivel around to close off the area making the space incredibly dynamic for employee use.

Chalkboards are positioned above the bar in the kitchen and can be pulled down to use for meetings and pushed back up during lunch hours.


Throughout the rest of the space, the collaboration doesn’t end as you’ll find plenty or large wooden desks designed to attract employees to use for team tasks too.

With a cool New York loft design vibe in the heart of a vibrant and trendy city, ICRAVE’S stunning workspace is sure to attract top design talent for years to come.


Take a look at the super collaborative ICRAVE workspace in New York City.

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