Workspace of the Week - Cyber Security Firm, Tel Aviv
A space based on the theme of anonymity with strong black accents and great sense of mystery. This office wouldn't look out of place in any modern spy movie...

This week’s Workspace of the Week wouldn’t look out of place in any modern spy movie, and it makes sense considering it’s the office of a cyber security firm. Turman Romano was asked to design the offices of the cyber security company, located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and had a huge 1000 square meter blank canvas to work with. Unsurprisingly, due to the nature of the company, they were asked to keep the identity of the mysterious cyber company a secret. Which makes this mysterious office even cooler.

The anonymous company in question was previously resident in a space half the size of their new office, they decided that it was time for an upgrade and said that it was about time that they worked in “the coolest office in the city”. The new office space is housed within Israel’s first, and most famous, tower in the centre of Tel Aviv. Before Turman Romano undertook this unique challenge the space was boxy, cramped and lifeless. So the design studio set out to transform it into a sprawling open plan space by knocking down all of the unnecessary walls and creating an office which would bring a sense of mystery and fun to work day.

In this new location the cyber company now has three open space work areas, seven private offices and three meeting rooms which fall off the central reception area. The space is also fitted with an open kitchen, dining area and chilling zone which acts a centrepiece which facilities a natural flow throughout the entire space.

There is also a fun room for employees to relax and play video games in, a giant egg for napping, huge desks for coding and endless plants which aim to bring a calming and natural atmosphere into a technology driven space.

Due to the nature of the cyber company’s operations, the theme was anonymity. This idea was brought to life and materialised via the use of wall art which is locked behind enormous metal nets, wooden planks which cast over glass dividers, optical illusions, misleading walls, repetitive frames and never-ending tables. The colour black is prominent throughout the whole space, allowing employees to complete individual work and quite literally disappear into the darkness of anonymity. Images taken from Office Snapshots