Workspace of the Week - Palmspace, EAT WORK ART
A custom built collaborative workspace designed to accommodate a range of creative workers in an environment that aims to encourage imagination, collaboration and wellbeing. This creative hub offers a range of specfically crafted areas able to be customised to suit particular work methods and projects.

If you’re an artist then finding an office space that encourages and inspires your creativity, yet doesn’t distract you from your work, is incredibly important. It also helps if the space is totally Instagrammable and can make other people jealous of you #OfficeInteriorGoals.

One office space which fits these criteria's is Palmspace, a space which was launched by Hackney Downs Studios and created by an in-house design team. It offers individual workspaces set apart by steel-framed shelves (which also double up as drying racks for your artwork).

Palmspace is a custom built collaborative workspace which is designed to accommodate a range of creative workers, from writers and artists to all types of makers and designers, in an environment that aims to encourage imagination, collaboration and wellbeing.

 This creative hub offers a range of specifically crafted areas that you can customise to suit your work methods and projects. This workspace also offers a private landscaped garden where creatives can work alongside one another in an open and outdoor area. The garden area is a key part of this office space, they wanted to give creatives a chance to connect with the outside world whilst at work, especially as many of them may not have gardens themselves.

The design team behind Palmspace sourced reclaimed parquet flooring, taken from derelict school buildings in and around London, and used it to cover desks. Metal shelving features heavily in this space; it was treated to lend itself to a raw, industrial finish. Designer Alfie Lay said, “We wanted to create a space that would allow people producing work in a physical or tangible medium to access the shared space.” 

Additionally, and most exciting of all, Palmspace has little nooks for office dogs. Any office space that accommodates dogs gets top marks from us! With co-working spaces becoming increasingly popular, it’s great to see that so many of them are using design as an integral part of these spaces. 

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