Workspace of the Week, Virgin Mobile - Dubai
Capturing the casual and creative ethos of the brand, Virgin Mobile teamed up with Schwitzke & Partners team to create a workspace in the UAE capturing the trendy and young character of the brand.

Virgin Mobile recently launched their brand in the UAE and needed an office space which captures the casual and creative ethos of the brand.

So they called upon Schwitzke & Partners team, who had previously delivered successful concepts for the Virgin Megastore brand, to create a space that reflected the trendy and young character of the brand.

Schwitzke & Partners were asked to design a space that used a variety of colours and materials, whilst not affecting the functionality of the space for its 80+ staff.

Virgin Mobile wanted an open-plan office where staff had the option of either work independently or collaborating with other members of staff. They wanted the new space to be very casual, and almost like a student hangout.

This look was achieved by the use of lounge chairs that had a modern feel and design, decorative lights, wooden benches in the canteen, and a kitchen improvised out of metal tubes.

The casual feel is established right from the entrance, where a lighting installation spelling out “Hello” greets visitors. The reception desk is set against the white brick wall and is a common feature of Virgin Mobile stores.

The meeting rooms, public spaces, printing stations, lounges and alternative workspaces have all been strategically placed, allowing relaxed communications between team members and their clients.

Throughout the space, the materials and colours are a blend of industrial and rough materials – like raw wood, untouched concrete columns, and raw steel – and pops of bright colours like yellow, dark blue, and Virgin Mobile red.

Images are taken from Love That Design