Workspace of the Week - Ideas Lab, Shanghai
A fascinating approach to minimalism in a collaborative tech hub in Shanghai, through monochrome and pink, exposed pipework and contemporary staircases.

Futuristic, cutting edge multifunctional workspaces have arrived. Chinese property giant Powerlong created Ideas Lab, a contemporary technology focused collaborative hub in Shanghai.

Design agency X+Living introduced modern architecture with a minimalist approach. The original two stories were demolished to introduce a 9-metre high space. These elevated walking platforms at such heights allow people to witness each other, yet social interaction is optional.

Each area within Ideas Lab was given a “reaction tank”; each tank offers consumers a new technology consumption experience by inserting different devices within the selected area. “Energy delivery pipes” provide functionality by way of hiding wires and air-conditioning cables but they also provide lengthy seating. Instead of hiding these industrialised features, their very composition enhances the construction themed décor.

Shanghai’s interior design is no longer predictable; gone are the intricate details depicting China’s rich heritage, or the assumed opulence of decadentS red and gold. X+Living have expertly immortalised the Information Age in iron, cement, and steel materials reminiscent of the industrial revolution. Expressed in Spacestor’s contemporary Massif Breakout tables, it really is design thinking for the millennial mind.

At no point does the space feel archaic; on the contrary, there’s a certain modern magnificence and serenity in the simple aesthetics. Shanghai may be accelerating its acceptance of western culture, but the tranquil energy is still an extremely important part of their philosophy. Human relationships are still highly valued, everyone contributing towards this harmonious and advancing city.

Whilst the palette focuses heavily on monochrome, blush pink paint on the pipes and stairways is expertly used as an accent colour. A variety in texture, shape and height creates an illusion of movement in the room.

Ambient lighting combined with natural sun rays streaming through floor to ceiling windows provides a modern industrial interior design that is the epitome of minimalist style.