Workspace of the Week - Liberty Global, The Netherlands
A multi-national organisation who made it onto Forbes' most innovative companies list, Liberty Global have used the psychological impact of colour in stunning ways in their Netherlands HQ.

Edvard Munch said that “colours live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.” Never has this been more evident than in Liberty Global’s offices, where each room is bursting with colour, exhibiting its own distinguishable personality and identity.

Liberty Global is an American telecommunications company that has made an appearance on Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Companies list. Founded in 2005, the business operates in 30 countries with over 30,000 employees worldwide, so it was crucial for the interior designers, Evolution Design, to create “one globally unified organisation”. In order to do this, they developed a new architectural identity which included a new graphic and colour concept throughout the campus.

One of the most striking colours used is purple. According to colourpsychology, purple has many positive associations: it’s calming, uplifting and can trigger creativity. In one of the innovative hub spaces accents of purple flirts with yellow, which is said to stimulate inspiration and vitality.

Evolution Design have succeeded in using colour to create empowering breakout areas – in the same space you have an oceanic view, dining table, secluded meeting pod and football table. The calming azure blue hues, known for their influential and productive connotations, allow this collaborative workspace to become multi-functional.

The meeting rooms have been styled with a focus on stimulating talent; pixelated green carpets adorn the entire floor, the various shades characterising growth, life and energy.  Floor to ceiling windows invite natural light and offer employees a visual stimulus of nature outside. Embracing the biophilic theme, plants are used to garnish each room which further demonstrates that Liberty Global cares about nourishing the people that work there.

Out of the box thinking is what makes this workspace so attractive. The strict hierarchical layouts are gone; it is perfectly acceptable to have a games unit in the work lounge, complete with bright orange sofa and a mélange of suspended ceiling lamps.

Liberty Global’s refreshing approach to an office is an aesthetic joy to behold. The palette has been selected with direction and purpose; the kaleidoscopic colours and comfortable furniture create a sensory delight for employees and visitors alike.