Workspace of the Week - Trend Micro, Sao Paulo
This Japanese security and defense company mimics nature in the workspace promoting a sense of calm that encourages people to be more productive.

Trend Micro is a Japanese security and defence company with offices in almost every continent across the globe. This influential business develops security software for servers, cloud computing, and global threat intelligence via malware forensics and analysis. What’s fascinating about Trend Micro’s Brazilian offices is the designer’s use of cobogos throughout the workspace. Materialising in the 1920s, a cobogo was used as a brick alternative; a hollow ceramic shape that allowed sunlight and air circulation to flow, thereby eradicating the solid version of a wall and instead introducing the idea of a divider

Chosen Interior designers  Informov Architecture& Construction clearly appreciate effective employee engagement needs collaborative workspace. By utilising cobogos to create a visual permeability, light and sound can still travel through, yet it retains a sense of privacy for both sides. Much like Spacestor’s Palisades Grid, a semi-opaque divider enables functional flexibility with mid-century modernism and style. 

A transitory workforce means that Trend Micro employees are able to work from any location – all they need is a laptop and the internet. Taking this in to account, the interior designers created a space-efficient environment by including multi-purpose spaces as well as privacy areas, united by white cobogos. 

Noticeably Trend Micro have installed an ecological fern wall. There is a mountain of evidence affirming that biophilic design improves staff well-being. Biophilia, stemming from the Greek meaning “love of life”, is more than just aesthetics: mimicking nature in the workspace promotes a sense of calm that encourages people to be more productive. 

Is it as simple as adding an office plant? It’s a great place to start, however there are many subtler ways to echo nature. Spacestor’s Palisades Wood is a natural alternative to the industrial Palisades dividers, letting the organic material speak for itself. Agricultural photography and natural design patterns play their part in Trend Micro’s offices too; the hexagonal art work resembles honeycomb.

The whole Brazilian workspace demonstrates that you can have dynamic architectural feature walls that enable employee fluidity, yet still provide a convenient, practical and adaptable workspace.