Workspace of the Week - Bombas, New York City
With an emphasis on charitable activities, Bombas' business model needed a workspace that perfectly reflect their young, fresh and easy-going personality.

You may not have heard about Bombas before, but they are singlehandedly helping the homeless one sock at a time. Their New York headquarters are suitably designed by Float Studio to reflect their young, fresh and easy-going personality.

In its previous life, Bombas HQ was a carpet warehouse; nothing but cement and high ceilings. Upon instruction, Float Studio have transformed it into a building that houses so much more than just furniture; the open space encourages ideas and creative collaboration, so there are very few physical barriers in the office.

Derived from the Latin word for bumblebee, Bombas is a prolific hive of activity. Using the ‘one-for-one’ business model, the company donates one pair of socks to the homeless for every pair sold. This altruistic approach is reflected in the design; instead of luxury items such as intricately-designed mirrors and ornate chandeliers, the lamps are bright and uncomplicated, an assortment of worn native-American rugs adorn the floor, and modest coffee tables wait patiently for their next visitors.

This lovingly crafted composition makes you feel like you’re hanging out with friends in their flat. With a business mantra like ‘bee better’, you can see why this eclectic mix of furniture is symbolic of Bombas’s goal.

Founded in 2013, you’d be mistaken thinking that the company had been going for 20 years. It has a quiet confidence about it, from the floor to ceiling windows in the board room to the biophilic décor. The sunflower yellow couch offers a bright and visual welcoming whilst promising optimal comfort

Mimicking the movement in their products, the office has a variety of texture and colour. With a self-confessed company culture full of idiosyncrasies, even the custom shelving seems to fit in by not fitting in to the opaque office norm.

Float Studio have implemented an impressive aesthetic with a simple idea, much like Bombas itself – innovative, comfortable, and always thinking about the bigger picture.