Workspace of the Week - ILGE Subscription Management Offices, Amsterdam
ILGE Subscription Management have recently added a bookstore-inspired flexspace to their offices in Amsterdam, titled "the last bookstore." An inspiring space where one can work, meet or take a break amongst the bookshelves.

A leading player in subscription management, online content management and collection advice on the Dutch, Belgian and German markets, ILGE has found the ideal mix between customer-friendly service and innovative solutions. Moving their offices to Villa Mokum in Amsterdam, they have also added a bookstore-inspired flexspace to their offices housed in the retail space on the Spaklerweg. An area to meet, work or simply take a break.

The proportion of e-books sold online has increased considerably which plays a major role in the declining turnover of traditional bookshops. With this in mind, ILGE's offices create a completely new interior concept and are titled "the last bookstore."

Bookstores now need to respond more than ever to the rapidly changing needs in the market. The concept for this bookstore is much more focused on being a meeting place, a flexspace where one can work, meet and acquire knowedge between the 'empty' bookshelves in an attractive space. Work and consultation places on large tables have been positioned centrally in the room and some double coupe-like seating areas integrated into the cabinet walls. Eyecatching bubble chairs have been used in the window, emphasizing the open and flexible use of the workspace. Cabinets with different dimensions in black and white have been mounted as a sculptural 'skyline' on the wall.

Because the book world of adventure, knowledge and science is not black and white, a photo print of a huge colourful bookcase has been used to cover the floor, wall and ceiling - the only colour accent in the space. The bookstore and office are separated by a facility unit where the kitchen, toilets and engineering rooms are housed. A special food concept based on healthy, sustainable food with specialities from all over the world is embraced, enabling people to work in the bookstore, have a healthy lunch or book it for a meeting.

To allow visitors access to an inexhaustible database with international and local magazines, newspapers and books, i-pads are included in the tables allowing the publications to be viewed here and the e-bookstore to be ordered as an extra service.