Workspace of the Week - Microsoft, Vancouver, Canada.
Another stunning workspace for one of the biggest multinational technology companies. Transforming what used to be a department store into a bright, flexible open office for 600 employees.

Global tech company Microsoft have created yet another stunning workspace for its growing workforce in Vancouver, Canada.

Founded in 1975 and known as one of the biggest multinational technology companies, Microsoft has grown from strength to strength with their variety of products used globally. Along with the increase of the company comes an increase of top talent and Microsoft’s Canadian headquarters was in need of an upgrade to bring together all employees from the three previous locations all into one large and spacious headquarters.

This huge space used to be a department store and Microsoft along with Clive Wilkinson Architects have transformed it into a bright, flexible and open office for 600 employees to enjoy. The remodel of the department store allowed them to design a workspace environment with a range of communal desks, informal booths, private meeting areas and collaborative zones with white boards surrounding them for employees to brainstorm their ideas and work with other team members during a presentation too.

Along with this, each area of the space is divided into neighborhoods – filled with workbenches for collaboration and social interaction. The openness of the space encourages employees to roam free without sticking to their desks, allowing them to work in a different part of the office throughout the day. Whether it’s for quiet focused work or a team meeting, this workspace has no limitations. Throughout the workspace, bursts of vibrant colour decorates the social areas to inspire employees during work along with contemporary furniture to enjoy too.

We’re certain that this space will attract even more talent in the future, take a look at Microsoft’s colorful workspace in Vancouver Canada!


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