Workspace of the Week - Trend Micro Offices, Cairo
Combining an office with a cultural experience, Trend Micro's offices in Cairo pay homage to the Ancient Egyptian methods of securing knowledge whilst also offering employees a comfortable workplace for supporting modern security and protection.

Dalia Sadany Dezines has recently converted a university theatre into Trend Micro's inspiring new offices in Cairo, Egypt.

Originally a university theatre built in the 1960s, several of the unique features of the project have surfaced during the renovation process. Particularly noteworthy is the stage turntable, which acted as the inspiration behind the project. Typically used as a theatrical element to assist in changing scenes, the concept of changing place and time was introduced. Trend Micro's line of business was researched in the Ancient Egypt contect and this project tells the story.

The office design is an authentic story which links past to future, a cultural experience created for the vistor to relive the journey through a detailed thought through design. The layout, lighting, material choice, colour palate and furniture were carefully planned and used to enhance the experience.

The design research was prepared by an accrediated Egyptologist working alongside a Cyber security professional. The latter covered modern day security approaches whilst the former brought inspiration from Ancient Egypt. The completed project demonstrates similarities in concept and approach to modern day encryption, hierachy, passwords, firewalls and maze use in design. The concept revolves around similarities between now and then, including paralleling real physical protection 5000 years ago against thieves, with virtual protection nowadays from hackers and cyber threats.

The space consists of a first floor, ground floor and new purpose built basement which houses a multipurpose cyber security museum. The museum aspects include a renovated stage turntable, custom designed abstract artefacts, wall claddings and accessories with carved writings and accessories which feature carved writings on marble and incriptions on metals - which were means of protecting knowledge in Ancient Egypt. Some of these features were also added to the first floor into the break area and workspace.