Workspace of the Week, AutoTrader - London
A creative and collaborative workspace that perfectly reflects the company's passion for the automotive industry. This space is designed to be an inspirational playground for its employees.

This week we’re focusing on the London offices of the automotive online marketplace AutoTrader, whose workspace nods to the company’s British and motoring heritage, complete with a scene from The Italian Job in one of the corridors!

The 14,000 square foot office, designed and fit out by Claremont Group Interiors, offers employees a creative and collaborative workspace which perfectly the reflects the company’s passion for the automotive industry. The office includes a large and flexible multi-functional space for staff training, presentations and client events as well as 10 meeting rooms for AutoTrader’s ‘squad’ project teams and a roof-terrace with views across King’s Cross.

Alison Ross, technology director at AutoTrader said: “Prior to the move we were in a space that just didn’t work for us – there was too much of it and it didn’t support easy communication or team work as our people were spread across four floors. St Pancreas North gives us the space and resources we need for effective digital collaboration and puts us in the heart of a growing tech community too.”

As you arrive on the third floor you’re met with an Italian Job inspired tunnel, complete with three suspended original Minis in red, white and blue. If it wasn’t already clear, then this makes it pretty obvious that AutoTrader has developed quite a taste for memorable workplaces.

With mobile and collaborative working at its heart, this stylish office is designed to be an inspirational playground for employee's, complete with a skateboarding full-pipe, a camper van meeting room and a ski lodge. AutoTrader is the perfect example of a company that successfully executes it’s brands ethos and image via creative interior design. Images taken from Office Snapshots