Workspace of the Week, Droids on Roids - Poland
A mobile app development company based in Poland created a space reflecting the mobile sphere of the programmers' work, perfectly suiting the unique working style of the digital company.

Droids on Roids, a mobile app development company based in Poland, hired interior design firm mode:lina to create their incredibly cool offices, which can be found in a historic townhouse in the centre of Wroclaw.


Droids on Roids flagship products are mobile applications that are developed for clients all around the world, and the mode:lina™ team kept this in mind whilst designing these offices.

The concept of creating a space that would reflect the mobile sphere of the programmer’s work onto the walls can be clearly seen throughout the office. For instance, the black stripe running throughout the space is representative of a status bar, just like ones that can be found on a majority of smartphones.


The icons that are placed on this stripe and on doors are a visual code, which allows employees to identify the function of each space before they enter. So navigating this office is similar to navigating the home screen of a mobile phone.


Combining the functionality of mobile applications with a workplace environment that represents Droids on Roids’ visual identity system is the main theme of this space.

The interiors heavily feature the colour yellow, which has been used to create lamps in the shape of a zig-zag, to correspond with the lightning in the Droids on Roids’ logo.


A lightning bold can be found in every area of this office, in some spaces they can be found as a decorative element of a door and in others they can be seen in the detail work on desks.

There is also a nap room which is located in a separate part of the office and features a big yellow hammock and comfortable beds for the employee’s to spend time disconnecting and relaxing in.

This office is a perfect example of a dynamic space which perfectly meets the unique work style of this digital company.

Images taken from Contemporist