Workspace of the Week - Microsoft, Redmond
Introducing agile working, this space is flooded with natural light and filled with biophilic elements. Including many soft seating areas, there are spaces for casual meetings, collaborative and independent working.

Microsoft and Bora Architects have created a stunning workspace with filled with vibrant furniture and dynamic seating arrangements to encourage more employees from different teams to collaborate in an inspiring setting.

As the world's largest software maker and the world's most valuable company, Microsoft's offices are expected to be spacious and agile with plenty of tech features too. Their new workspace based in Building 83, Redmond is filled with a mixture of textures and levels enhancing productivity. The workspace also introduces agile working - allowing employees to roam throughout the space and work either at a desk or on a sofa.

In this space you’ll find plenty of natural light flooding the office from the skylights and large windows, multiple levels with biophilic elements including large plants, a floating conference room with glass walls to ensure that employees don’t feel disconnected from the office environment and a large atrium bringing 1,200 employees together to enjoy social interaction and a coffee from the espresso bar throughout the day. The main focal point of this workspace is a large wooden screen which is made from recycled oak.

This custom designed screen creates a unique artistic look, adding character to the open space. The screen also represents a 'banner of connectivity' while adding depth to the workspace interior. Microsoft has also ensured that the office includes plenty of soft seating areas providing enough space for casual meetings, a catch up with colleagues, collaborative working, and independent working too. Take a look at Microsoft's inspiring workspace in Redmond, Washington.