Workspace of the Week, TransferWise - London
Located in Shoreditch, London, the design of TransferWise's offices was focused on form, shapes and minimalistic materials to inspire creative collaboration amongst its employees.

This week we’re turning our attention towards the incredibly cool offices of the financial technology company, TransferWise, whose offices can be found in Shoreditch, London.

The interior design firm ThirdWay Interiors were in charge of giving this space a brand new design, and going into the design process noted that this was going to be a particularly difficult project because of the unique structure of the office building. For instance, the concrete floors, exposed ceilings and large amounts of columns meant that they had to create a design that would work in harmony with this unique architecture and allow the space to flow freely.

With this in mind, the design was more focused on form, shapes and minimalistic materials rather than bold and wacky start up vibes that can be found in many technology companies. The building also lacked solid walls and areas for whiteboards, something which is crucial to the work style of TransferWise, so they also had to create a new and innovative way to give them this collaborative space without making it feel separated or add to the already visually busy building.

There are over 30 different nationalities working within this space who all have an incredibly young, energetic and creative energy, so ThirdWay had to create an office that would help inspire this creativity. Creative collaboration is also a key element of TransferWise, and the new space needed to have areas where employees could work as a team, have conference calls with clients and an environment which allowed them to be flexible around workstations.

Because many of the employees spend their time at their computers, TransferWise wanted to give their workers a space where they could move around, switch desks, hide in different nooks to concentrate or relax with colleagues behind a coffee cup. The TransferWise office is a great example of a space that is designed to inspire creativity, without distracting employee’s form their work. Images from Office Lovin