Beyond The Desk: The Successful Science of Scent

The Spacestor London Design Centre recently was host to a captivating and multisensory experience as part of its 'Beyond the Desk' event series – the "Science of Scent." Attendees were treated to an immersive journey exploring the intersection of design, architecture, and the fascinating world of fragrance.

The event kicked off with an exclusive tour of the Design Centre, providing a snapshot of Spacestor’s New Landscape for Work, created with architectural, space-defining furniture. Guided through thoughtfully curated displays that showcase how design can seamlessly integrate with functionality, enabling the designer, architect, or workplace professional to formulate truly amazing spaces.

Following tours, guests gathered for a riveting scent talk led by Viveur, artisans of ambience. The discussion dived into the intricate science behind scent, exploring how aromas can affect the human brain and transform zones within the workplace to engage all the senses and develop the right atmosphere. The engaging presentation was a different avenue of insight into sensory design, woven together with elements of neuroscience, psychology and how scent can affect all the other senses, leaving attendees with a newfound appreciation of how fragrance plays a part in space planning and design.

One of the highlights of the evening was the hands-on scent workshop that allowed participants to craft and mix their own scent. Under the guidance of experienced perfumers, guests had the opportunity to use their scent to pour into their own exquisite bottles to create diffusers which disseminate a unique fragrance! The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as participants experimented with various fragrances, blending and concocting until they discovered the perfect combination. The workshop was engaging and popular whilst providing a chance for individuals to leave with a tangible and personalised memento, representing a moment that mattered!

The 'Science of Scent' event successfully brought together designers, architects, furniture dealers and workplace professionals to educate about the intersection of the workplace and fragrance realms, enjoy drinks and refreshments and take part in an immersive discussion and workshop. The Beyond the Desk series continues to push the boundaries of traditional events, offering a holistic and extraordinary experience at our London Design Centre!

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