The Workspace Habitat - Crafting a Living Office Environment

An event focused on sustainable and circular workplace design guided attendees through a wealth of knowledge on how to empower the workplace and its designers with ways to reduce the impact the industry has on the the planet and ideas for how it can help and enrich the ecosystems it reaches. Theory, blended with tangible ideas, this event was an enlightening celebration of the sustainable initatives already conceived and ideas for those to come! 

“A very enjoyable and insightful day. I really enjoyed the hands-on workshop and learning about new sustainable materials in design. Thank you to the Spacestor team for putting on a great event!” - Guest, Knotel.

Nature's Potential: Building with Mycelium. We were joined by Osmose Studio for a masterclass on mushrooms, that included a deep dive into the functions and potential of mycelium, a material, emerging in the interior industry as a serious player for the natural furnishing and building of staple ingredients already in the office or home. Guests were then taken through the initial processes of creating a mycelium structure; mixing, molding and sealing their creations, whilst learning about the aftercare and nature of this living material in a hands-on workshop which is the first of it's kind in the UK!

Biophillic Design: Not Just a Pretty Face. A tour of our London Design Centre by Vantage Spaces, navigated the science behind biophillic presence in the workplace. From expansive living walls, to Envirogrid creating a green ceiling, the swathes and touches of green in each area initiate the soft and calming atmosphere so tangibly prevalent in the space. For benefits far beyond aesthetics, biophilic design is paramount for air quality, wellbeing, biodiversity and employee connection. 

Greener for Good - Sustainability & Spacestor. Sustainability is becoming a paramount consideration when organisations are choosing suppliers and partners. An expert navigation of our products and how they can help in reaching sustainability goals was shared, with information around Declare Labels, process and material transparency as well as the organisations journey to Net Zero and the progress made on this. 

Our R&D team also took the attendees through the cutting-edge experiments currently being taken out with various recycled and regenerative materials and their potential within the furniture and workplace industry. With origins in various places, from brewery waste to eelgrass, these sustainable materials are eye opening and inspiring to light a sustainable spark!

The Workspace Habitat. Covering many aspects of sustainability in the workplace! Furniture, design, materiality, biophilia, mushrooms and much more, the event was a glimpse into what is being done and what can be done for the climate and planet today! Thank you to our partners and guests for a fun, engaging and informative event! 

If you would like to attend an event at our London Showroom with hands-on workshops, tours and drinks, please register here!