CDW Rewound with Spacestor
Rediscovering the New Landscape for Work

For designers, furniture dealers and workplace professionals who didn’t manage a visit to Spacestor’s new London Design Centre at Clerkenwell Design Week this year, or want to come back, we’ve got a treat for you!

CDW Rewound with Spacestor – showcasing all our highlights of the renowned design week!

When: 29th June 2023, 4pm - 9pm
Where: Spacestor’s London Design Centre, 49, Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6AL
What: CDW Rewound with Spacestor

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You’re invited to a captivating, experience-filled opportunity to network with top thought-leaders, a journey of discovery around our newly opened innovation centre, an evening with drinks and refreshments and an exploration of the industry's most advanced and innovative ideas today.

Did you miss our Insights Live Panels live in the showroom at CDW? CDW Rewound with Spacestor will bring new insights to the table, with a special in-person Q&A session featuring returning workplace and architectural experts! Discover our two panels that ran live from our showroom at CDW here, for a taster of what's to come!

Personalized tours of our new space invite you to rediscover The New Landscape for Work. An immersive atmosphere that fosters creativity and innovation, workspaces need to be fun, engaging, and places that people want to commute to be in as well as being sustainable and reconfigurable to ensure future flexibility. The Landscape for Work is about bringing together an inter-compatible and highly customizable kit of parts that work together as a system of micro-architecture that creates spaces within spaces, avoiding the need to build walls.

An exclusive viewing of our latest concepts is available too, with the opportunity to give your thoughts on trends and preferences in an industry which is defined by change. Delicious refreshments and drinks will be served, and in what promises to be a convivial and inspirational atmosphere, creativity will be sparked, and imagination ignited.

We invite you to be inspired, gain insights, and leave with a renewed enthusiasm for the endless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of design!

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