The Sustainable Workplace - Insights from Willis Towers Watson and Gensler
We interviewed Kim Le Geyt and Naomi Sakamoto to hear how to make buildings and workplaces more environmentally friendly

Sustainability is a make or break for potential customers and employees as well as for our planet! In a time where environmental concerns are more prominent than ever, it’s crucial that organizations make steps to improve their sustainability across all scopes.

The built environment accounts for 42% of annual carbon emissions, therefore there is a huge responsibility on us as building and interior creators to design to reduce our impact on the environment and contribute towards a richer more prosperous landscape!

We interviewed Kim Le Geyt from Willis Towers Watson and Naomi Sakamoto from Gensler to hear their thoughts and key actions to take to make buildings and workplaces more environmentally friendly. Download the full whitepaper here!

"Keep sharing ideas, examples, what works well, what’s flopped. By leveraging the sustainable initiatives across our industry, it’ll help us to build a higher benchmark sooner." - Kim Le Geyt, Willis Towers Watson 

"Collaborate, experiment, be humble, and be curious. None of us has all the answers—look at what others are doing, find something that inspires you, and give it a go!" - Naomi Sakamoto, Gensler

Both Naomi and Kim highlight examples of fantastic sustainability they've encountered in their careers, as well as the greatest challenges and opportunities for sustainability to be championed in projects today. Covering a wealth of knowledge, from portfolio selection and commute consideration, to furniture choices and circularity, to regenerative design and carbon absorption and beyond!

Download the full whitepaper for the complete interview with Naomi Sakamoto and Kim Le Geyt and delve deeper into the world of sustainable workplace design.