Workspace Booths, Pods, Lockers and Bleachers - Your Top FAQs Answered

Workspace design is always changing, and at Spacestor, we're committed to staying at the forefront by creating practical solutions that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of today's workforce. Whether it's adapting to flexible work schedules or accommodating different styles, our range includes everything from adaptable seating systems and work pods to tech-enabled lockers and customizable meeting spaces.

In this blog, we'll address the top 6 questions we commonly receive about this newer generation of flexible office furniture, covering everything from design options to functionality.

Booths & Pods

Q: What are the benefits of a workplace pod/booth?
Office booths and pods are essential in modern workspace design, offering benefits that address the evolving needs of today's workforce. In open offices, where collaboration is encouraged, working pods and phone booths play a crucial role offering noise reduction, creating micro-environments that foster a quieter atmosphere, enhancing overall productivity and allowing time for private or small group reflection and focus.

Organizations can create designated spaces within open plans without the need for permanent walls, ensuring efficient use of available space. With these modular elements adjusting seamlessly to dynamic work environments, the flexibility to move and rearrange these pods ensures the workspace remains in sync.

Q: How quiet are acoustic/soundproof pods and booths?
Good quality pods are designed to be just the right amount of quiet to make the pods peaceful, but not silent.

For enclosed booths such as Spacestor’s Video or Phone pods in the Residence family, they are designed to be soundproof, meaning a normal conversation cannot be overheard outside the pod, and the noise of a bustling office cannot interrupt or interfere with any meetings inside the pod.

With an acoustic drop seal included on the door, and laboratory tested sound reduction of -29dB for Residence Work as a an example, sound proof pods by Spacestor provide user’s with optimum working conditions for solo working in a sound-proof environment.


Q: What design options can I choose for lockers?
The design options for lockers are extensive and crucial for helping to shape the workplace of the future. Spacestor sees lockers as a canvas for customization, allowing for the expression of brand identity, contributing to company culture and therefore, employee well-being. With our lockers, businesses can customize their colors, graphics, fonts and styles, tailored to their branding.

The flexibility of Spacestor's products, known for being bespoke, agile, and modular, enables lockers to integrate seamlessly with a variety of solutions, such as System Walls for storage, Palisades Grid for zoning or displays, or Railway Carriage for impromptu collaboration, offering endless possibilities for workplace customization.

Q: How does the technology work?
Spacestor's HotLocker is an advanced, keyless locker system that prioritizes user convenience. With a red/green indicator for quick locker availability identification, it seamlessly integrates with existing access control systems, reducing administrative costs. The system supports both dynamic and fixed locker assignments, allowing multiple users to share a single locker, optimizing space usage and cutting expenses.

In most cases, HotLocker is compatible with existing RFID swipe cards for employee access, eliminating the need for separate cards. In cases where card technology isn't feasible, alternatives like phone apps are easily integrated, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

The inclusion of wired locks facilitates remote administration, providing an up-to-the-minute audit trail without battery concerns. Security features include a tamper-proof alarm, high-strength lock, and SMS/email notifications in case of tampering. The system also triggers CCTV for additional security.

For businesses, HotLocker offers centralized, real-time reporting for comprehensive visibility into locker usage, including occupancy, access times, and monitoring of locked lockers. The locker management software can be installed on-premises or as a cloud solution, connected via WLAN for data exchange, offering flexibility tailored to specific workspace IT systems and restrictions.

This smart locker system is particularly beneficial for companies adopting mobile and activity-based working, optimizing space and promoting cost savings. You can read more about HotLockers here.

Seating Systems

Q: What variations on Bleachers can I choose from?
The variations on bleachers include a wide range of upholstery finishes and varying sizes, with options for add-on seat-pads or footplates. Just like Lego, this modular system provides great flexibility, allowing it to be reconfigured to create various collaborative spaces. Additionally, customization options are available, from color to fabric, allowing the bleachers to be tailored to fit specific branding, color schemes, and material preferences.

Q: What configurations are possible with the Aeonica?
The Aeonica system offers a multitude of configurations within one kit, that can be reconfigured in various forms. It demonstrates remarkable flexibility, functioning as enclosures, semi-enclosures, space-makers, and linear separators. The kit employs 5 classic geometric building blocks engineered for inter-compatibility, enabling the creation of diverse landscapers and space-making structures. 

These configurations range from private Cloisters to spacious Pantheons, providing almost unlimited possibilities. Aeonica's organic shapes and soft forms, inspired by timeless architectural forms, allow for the instant creation and landscaping of spaces such as Colonnades, Portals, Pantheons, Forums, Rotundas, and Cloisters without the need for building walls.

The modular kit's pure geometric shapes and patented quick-release joining system permit shapes to be reused and reconfigured repeatedly for experimentation, evolution, or creative enjoyment. The system is available in a palette of 6 colors, carefully selected from an earthy palette that references minerals and biophilia, harmonizing and blending shades inspired by the natural world.

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