Watch Episode 23: Building a Culture of Experimentation
Watch below as James Lawrence, Corinne Murray and Birgit Gebhardt discuss 'Building a Culture of Experimentation'

On Thursday May 6th we were joined by James Lawrence, Gensler, Corinne Murray, RXR Realty, and Birgit Gebhardt for our 23rd Insights Live session, a panel debate around building a culture of experimentation.

We've all just undertaken the biggest global experiment ever, and it was surprisingly successful.  New practices, procedures and technologies mean there's still many unknowns, so why wouldn't we continue that practical experimentation in our workplaces?  After all, innovation depends on it!  Continuous testing, or the perpetual beta principle presents a low risk and engaging way of trialling new concepts, whether it be working styles, office occupancy levels or suitable furniture, allowing organizations to discover the model most successful for them. Watch below!