Watch Episode 20: The Office Won’t Die – It Just Keeps Evolving
Watch below as Mirko Wanders and Laura Walsh discuss The Office Won't Die - It Just Keeps Evolving

On Thursday January 28th, we were joined by Mirko Wanders of Gensler, LA, David Heyburn of Edison Spaces, and Laura Walsh of Avid Technology, Boston, for our first Panel Debate of 2021, but the 20th in the series, discussing how the office wont' die- but it'll just keep evolving. 

Enforced working from home has taught us there’s parts of the workplace experience we just can’t do without.  But mass-adoption of remote and hybrid working caused us to re-evaluate the purpose of the office, and the one thing that’s certain is continuous evolution.  To thrive on this change, we need flexibility.  Agility enables us to maximise performance, bringing a host of opportunities to both employer and employee alike.

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Watch below!