Introducing the Pet Love Range
The all-new pet love range for the perfect workplace companion. Furniture optimised for pets to experience a happier, healthier workplace home.

Pets in the workspace are now commonplace. Everyone seems to be bringing their pets to work. Purina, the pet food brand who have been championing #PetsAtWork schemes for the last few years, passionately believe that pets and people are better together.

In 2017, the company conducted research, gaining feedback from thousands of pet lovers across Europe. 40% of people with pets at work said it enhances work-life balance, 24% of people with pets at work say it improves relationships within the workplace and 45% of people said it creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Clearly, fostering the connection between humans and pets within the workplace creates a good culture. However, it's very difficult for pets to find their place in today's modern agile workspaces, it's simply not acceptable to keep them under a desk, especially when nobody has their own desk anymore!

Pets aren't being provided for. Until now. Here at Spacestor, we are introducing the new Pet Love range of products, specifically designed to make your pets feel at ease in the workplace. The PawTouch Locker comes with paw print recognition technology to allow your dog to access their very own locker space. Paw print sensors come in 3 sizes to suit your dog's particular needs. Our Railway Carriage now comes in a handy pet size to give your animals a place where they can feel at home within the office. The Residence now comes with a built-in pet-friendly virtual hangout, making your pets feel truly part of the workplace. The Palisades now includes our budgie resort amongst the range of accessories, ensuring that even our smallest pets can now feel happy and provided for. Extensive research has gone into the veterinary ergonomics of this new range, and we believe that by introducing these additions to the workspace, we're making our pets feel happier, healthier and more at home when at work.

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