Introducing the Self-Driving Ped - Watch Video
Reintroducing the essential office companion, but with a twist...


Is 2017 going to be remembered as the year of the nostalgic comeback? Vinyl sales are at a 28 year high, the Nokia 3310 is on its way back and even cassette players are starting to be used again. Spacestor have seen an opportunity to re-manufacture something which has not been present in modern office life for a number of years.

The rise in agile working and the gig economy has resulted in the humble desk pedestal becoming irrelevant and rarely used. However, a significant section of the workforce really miss their personal storage container. Spacestor are reintroducing this essential office component.

But with a twist.

Now suitable for agile environment: enter the driverless pedestal. In an agile working environment, everyone constantly changes places. But what do you do if your things are in your ped in yesterday’s place, or on the other side of the office? Equipped with a full on-board navigational system and camera, this pedestal will find its own way to you. Call it from your phone and using its programmed map of the office, it will come straight to you.

It’s completely at home with human beings, and will become a natural extension of your office while it safely navigates around the workspace in total harmony. Whether you’re sitting in a pod, bench or desk, the ped will know exactly where you are, like a loyal, well trained Golden Retriever.

It enables you to have everything you want exactly where and when you want it. The ped comes in, does it job quietly and unassumingly, then leaves. You will hardly know it’s there… They have also adapted to live with humans, even across different floors of major office buildings. Packed with safety features, a camera and indicators, they ensure the welfare of employees.

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