1-800 Flowers
A paragon of experiential design, the Long Island HQ showcases a masterful amalgamation of functionality and comfort.
Long Island, New York
designed by
Ted Moudis Associates

For over 45 years 1-800 Flowers have been striving to deliver the best service to their customers, and their new in-house space manifests the same attitude towards their employees. Partnering with Ted Moudis Associates to combine their focus on flowers with a biophillic inspired interior, their creative area features numerous luxury amenities which promote both well-being and productivity. As such, 1-800 Flowers, continues to remain a tech driven innovator at the forefront of the gifting industry who's experimental nature retains and attracts a unique and forward-thinking talent, unprecedented in their sector. 

The new location spans the whole second floor and includes private office booths, wellness room and a photo studio. Featured in the kitchen is a custom-made hanging Palisades II grid system, integrated with lighting fixtures, creating a bright but impressive aesthetic. The statement black finish constrasts against floral tones, portraying a harmony synonomous with the brand. 

Maintaining the floral feel, the reception area adds further brand identity, establishing a serene and composed environment which fosters the comfortable but constructive vibe to be continued throughout the office. It is through this vibe that the company is able to grow and drive the industry it works in with a momentum born from technological pro-activity and unparalled talent.