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Pelham Interiors' recent 2,500 sqft CAT B Design and Build project showcases their commitment to innovative design and cost-effective solutions.
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Pelham Interiors

In this new CAT B Design and Build project, Pelham Interiors was tasked to fit out a 2,500 sqft space, reflecting their commitment to an innovative design with a budget-conscience approach. By no means a compromise on quality, the result is a light, bright space which affords a pleasant environment for employees to work in, whilst providing varied spaces for different activities to be performed in the office.   

This workspace, built to enhance the property’s potential, has a flexible layout and has been designed to create a work environment that fosters productivity, privacy, and focus, meeting the diverse needs of their client’s team. The simplistic design of the interior gives a sense of a serene atmosphere with biophilic touches around the office.

The acoustic ceiling panels in marl beige add a soft touch and complement the light wood finish that has been excellently paired with sage green. The sleek wooden herringbone floor in a light finish pairs well with the finish of the wood chosen for the tables and tea point cabinets, maintaining a cohesive and flawless look without being too busy.

The interior layout has been meticulously planned with space-saving solutions, seamlessly integrating existing architecture with bespoke joinery. This is exemplified by the circular soft seating around the pillar, complemented by custom lighting designed to encircle the pillar perfectly. It is also noticeable that lighting was specifically chosen in the meeting room to provide subtle, even illumination.

Pelham Interiors has chosen Spacestor’s Portico to provide their client's employees with a space that includes all the essentials for a focused, private working environment. Seamlessly integrated between the coffee point and small modular bench seating – which is an excellent touch-down point for 1-2-1 collaboration - Portico’s clean and modern look allows it to flawlessly blend into Pelham’s design.

This project beautifully demonstrates how cost-effective solutions can still deliver exceptional value and visual appeal, seamlessly integrating practicality with aesthetic elegance.