A full interior redesign for Keepmoat’s head office in Doncaster, fostering both collaboration and focused work.
Doncaster, Yorkshire
designed by
District Four Design
“ The result is a space that we’re blown away by. The staff are all over the moon and what had become a tired office environment is now a very modern, uplifting place to work. It’s fantastic to hear our employees’ positive feedback and see them making great use of the new break-out zones, too. ”

In a spatial redesign enhancing space utilization, Keepmoat’s new office was designed by District Four Design, in collaboration with Signum Facilities Management, and ensures every square foot is optimized for efficiency and comfort. 

The challenge was to renovate and reconfigure the 5000 sqft area transforming it from a dated and uninspiring space into a breath-taking modern environment that encouraged staff back into the office.

By creating various areas, including a new breakout space, the design offers flexibility to accommodate different ways of working and collaborating. Our Palisades II was chosen to provide an alternative to segregating the space without a physical wall, maintaining an open plan feel while allowing for additional storage. Careful selection of furniture was crucial to maximize the space's potential and achieve the desired inviting atmosphere conducive to both collaboration and focused work.

The rustic wood grain finish chosen on the planter boxes, incorporating biophilia through the Palisades II design, creates a contrast with the charcoal-coloured acoustic panels. This aesthetic not only fashions a modern look but also fosters an inviting atmosphere, particularly as it pairs harmoniously with the green and blue tones of Keepmoat’s colour scheme, which is integrated through branded elements around the office.

One of the inherent challenges of an open-plan workspace lies in managing lighting and acoustics, to address this task District Four Design implemented new energy-efficient LED lighting, complemented by feature lighting to cultivate a welcoming ambiance. To enhance the sound quality and work environment, they installed an acoustic wall in the meeting room and incorporated acoustic lights in the breakout area.