Coventry University
A modern and forward-thinking space for Coventry University; a dynamic university that provides high quality education to thousands of students each year
Coventry, UK
built by
Speller Metcalfe

With a history stretching back as far as 1843, Coventry University have a long tradition as a provider of sterling education. The University's new building, the Beatrice Shilling, was named after the much celebrated aeronautical engineer and motorcycle racer.


Spanning four floors and over 55,000 square feet, the space provides a wealth of different spaces for the plethora of activities that take place each day at the University. From IT training areas, seminar rooms, labs, breakout spaces, one-on-one areas and flexible soft seating that could be moved out of the atrium to make way for exhibitions.

Working with leading furniture providers, Hunters, our Palisades Grid zone divider has been used throughout the space. Modular and movable, the Palisades zone divider allows for the simple and attractive division of space between the runs of bench desking. Whilst still allowing light through, they afford both visual and an element of acoustic privacy between the neighbourhoods they create. The addition of acoustic panels as accessories on the framework provides additional sound proofing.

Essential to any cutting-edge education provider, lockers of varying sizes are placed throughout the University. In the entrance atrium space, flush white lockers built into the wooden panelling add to the professional welcome of the space. With so many spaces to work around the building, having a personal and secure locker gives students peace of mind that their wellbeing and happiness is a top priority. Being highly customizable, we were able to ensure that all our furniture met the exact brand guidelines, as set out by the Coventry University in their original brief.