A bold and collaborative workplace environment for leading automation company LOB, in downtown San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
designed by
Kelly Robinson



Based out of California, LOB have been automating direct mail and address verification so modern businesses can move faster & create new growth opportunities since 2013. Using cloud software, they help businesses send smarter mail, faster through technical automation and to date, already more than 50% of US households have received mail generated via Lob’s platform.

For their downtown San Francisco HQ, LOB asked innovative workplace designer, Kelly Robinson, to create a brand new look for their collaboration and open office spaces. Focusing on bringing the full spectrum of color into the design, we worked with furniture dealer Pferred to provide six of our Railway Carriage office booths in a soft palette of muted upholstery tones, complimented by the biophilic look of the lacquered plywood cladding. 

With the majority of meetings today being informal, impromptu and held with under 4 people, these collaboration booths provide the perfect meeting space, further enhanced by their built in table, lighting and power. Available in over 300 million combinations, and varying styles, the Railway Carriage allows for maximum customization to suit a brand's colours and design style.