Northwood College for Girls
Northwood College for Girls' Sixth Form area has become a learning and social haven, with a variety of spaces providing the optimum learning environment
Northwood, UK
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Founded in 1870, Northwood College for Girls is an ambitious and forward-thinking school for girls from 3 up to 18. In their final two years, the girls in sixth form are going through some of the most busy and potentially stressful periods in their academic lives. With an aim to empower each and every one of their students to become ambitious, confident and happy members of society when they left the school, Northwood College understood that investment in the students and their learning environments in these last two critical years of schooling, was essential. 

Having worked with education specialists Envoplan before, Northwood College knew they could rely on them to transform the current space, into a varied and vibrant learning environment. With over 844 students in total at the school, the range of learners and learning styles present was vast, and each and every one had to be catered for. Therefore, providing a range of space styles, of varying sizes was very important. A run of three of our Railway Carriage booths provided the learning centre with great places for the students to collaborate, revise together and further their learning journey. With built in lighting, table and power, the Railway Carriage ensures the best environment for effective learning. 

Also included in the design was a full coffee bar, an exterior balcony, fully kitted gym, washroom facilities as well as staff areas and a library space. In a number of different configurations in the learning centre and in the social zones, our HotLocker provides students with a personal storage space and at the same time, ensuring they can keep the space around them tidy and clear. Northwood's Sixth Form students' own motto 'Don't wish for it, work for it' is not only a neon sign on the wall, it is clearly something that the students live by, and the college wants to support in every way they can. This investment into staff and students has directly led to a very positive impact on learning outcomes and wellbeing; and we are delighted to report that the numbers for retention and attraction of students at Northwood College are the highest they have ever been.