It can be confusing when looking at soundproof pods and booths to understand what it is you are really looking for, with various sizes and formats available and what really is the difference between them all? And which one is the ideal solution for your needs?


Below we’ll run through the key differences between them and criteria to help you choose either way.


A phone booth comes from the original idea of having a ‘phone box’ style pod in an office environment so people can take time out to focus on work, or make phone calls which are typically 15-30 minutes, without being disturbed. Phonebooths have also traditionally been configured for the user to be either standing up or sitting on a ‘perch’ or stool. However, these pods have primarily been designed for quiet focus work and a pod designed for communication is quite different.



Video communication requires a suitable space to ensure the background and lighting is equitable for visual representation. A video pod is a larger booth that is optimized for acoustics, aesthetics, and environment control. This makes them suitable for longer sessions whilst creating greater improved user experience in terms of comfort and audiovisual.

The Differences

The basic difference between a video pod and a phone pod is that they have been designed to meet a different need. Although this is obvious in the names ascribed to them, a video pod has been designed distinctly for the user’s optimum experience during a video conference, whereas a phone pod is for a place to go when the user needs to make a short phone call. Breaking this down we have come up with the 6 main points of differentiation below:




Phone pods come with a spotlight triggered by a sensor which provides the main source of light, as well as the light let in through the glass door panel. A video pod features an adjustable, user-controlled, non-directional bias light mounted behind a integrated monitor. Therefore, the level of brightness can be adjusted easily to suit any skin tone and optimize employee video call experience.  



Audio-visual/Technological Integration

The most basic phone pod has a fixed seat or no seat and a desk which is fixed in either a standing or sitting position. This can be levelled up to having an adjustable desk, space for a task chair, adjustable ventilation, and a plug for charging devices. A video pod has all these features, as well as adjustable lighting for optimum appearance on calls, USBC charging points and an independent height-adjustable monitor. All pods only need 1 plug into the mains as a source of power either in the wall or floor box. 




Level thresholds are available with both the phone and video pods to enable easy access (this does not affect the acoustical properties of the pods as we have a patented seal which maintains a high acoustic quality). Additionally, our largest open-sided phone pods and our DDA/ADA compliant video pod are large enough to fit a wheelchair in, the latter being fitted with a push-button to open and close the door, eliminating the need to use a manual door mechanism. 

Visual Privacy

 As part of the standard video pod experience, the product comes with a dusted matt film applied to the glass panel door. This enables visual privacy and enhances user experience whilst still making is clear that the pod is in use. A phone pod does not have the same visual privacy as standard.  


As standard, phone pods are a smaller enclosed space, and provide adequate space for up to two hours. A video pod, however, has a larger space, our Residence Connect being 1.5x1.2m, which allows space for a bigger desk and an ergonomic chair suited to user needs and up to 4 hours of use at a time.

MEP Coordination

Video pods has been designed with an optional integral rear access chase for the flexible connection of all MEP components (for example, a sprinkler system, electrics and Day2 serviceability). Because of the less time spent in phone pods, this option is only available with Video pods.


The Products


Residence Max

Residence Max is an individual pod which is larger than the Residence Work, featuring an adjustable desk, high acoustic quality, integrated power, adjustable ventilation, and the absence of any built-in seat allowing the use of a task chair or stool of user choice. The comfort is suited afforded means the pod is suited to being worked in for longer periods at a time compared to the Residence Work. 

Residence Connect

Crafted from the ground up to provide the optimum video conferencing experience for everyone. The Residence Connect has high acoustic quality, a DDA version, visual privacy, integrated power and AV monitor and adjustable desk and ventilation. Bias light has been considered for the best appearance on video, and materials surround the user enhance this. Red List compliant materials, FSC certified, UL listed, and zero added formaldehyde make the video pod a sustainable solution. 


Portals are open sided phone pod creating a focused environment which is not completely cut off. They come in different depths, heights and widths, an adjustable desk, an optional in-built seat, and integrated lighting and power. There are DDA accessible versions.

Residence Work

Residence Work is a soundproof dedicated quiet space for short term individual work. It has a fixed seat and desk, boasts very high acoustic quality, can be configured for either standing or sitting working conditions and has built-in air vents for ventilation. 

Inclusive Pods & Booths

Inclusive design starts at the concept of the space, follows through, and realizes results. If you’re looking to build a truly inclusive space, measures taken cannot be just an add-on, but must be inextricably woven into the culture of your workplace. Explore our insights into creating truly inclusive spaces. 

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