Inclusive design starts at the concept of the space, follows through, and realizes results. If you’re looking to build a truly inclusive space, measures taken cannot be just an add-on, but must be inextricably woven into the culture of your workplace.

You’re passionate about including all your people through design, feel the necessity of universal accessibility, but are unsure of how to go about creating a space which achieves this. This page is for you!

Railway Carriage:

The Railway Carriage is a collaborative booth which can enable wheelchair users to network with their teams on an equal level. Extending the table or clad beyond the end of the table and seats means anyone using a wheelchair or alternative seating can be included.

Residence Max:

Residence Max is an acoustic pod for focused work. It has a ADA approved handle, a large dial for ventilation adjustment, meaning ease of use for those with limited dexterity. The desk is also adjustable to suit users of any height.


Portals are an open-sided booth which allow focused work without being completely cut-off from the buzz.

Portals are ADA accessible with a compliant entrance width, no door or handle and no threshold. A height adjustable desk caters to wheelchair users and people of any height.

Residence Connect:

This video pod has been created to ensure the Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone.

The Residence Connect has a level threshold upon entrance, an ADA compliant door handle, a separately adjustable monitor and desk, and large dials which enable the adjustment of ventilation and lighting. The materials have been chosen to enhance video appearance and the user is able to personalize the level of light to suit their skin-tone. Further to these features, our ADA version also has a compliant door width of 32” and a push button to open and close the door.

Our Inclusive Collaborations:

Have a look at some inclusive pods & booths projects below!


An increasing demand for this equity means that pods and meeting spaces must have the option to be customizable to suit employee needs. Spacestor supplied Railway Carriages which can be suited to those with less accessibility by extending the table. This enables each person to connect and participate in meetings, giving them an equal opportunity to build relationships and participate. 

Birmingham City University

For greater flexibility and inclusivity, the tables on the Railway Carriages extend beyond the end of the booth. Not only does this provide greater flexibility for the number of students that can collaborate at one time, but it also enables wheelchair users to have the same, equitable experience as their peers, by simply wheeling up to the table.

Confidential International Legal Client

With the tide turning and the emphasis swinging away from entirely open plan offices, quiet areas for focused work are being recognized as a necessity. The Residence Connect offers an acoustically secluded space where employees can focus. A level threshold and easy accessibility makes the pod The Best Ever Video Conference Experience. For Everyone.

Residence Connect ADA

Spacestor was approached by one of the world’s leading tech companies with the challenge of designing and engineering a pod that took video conversations out of the open workspace and into an efciently-sized acoustic pod. Every feature of this space needed to be optimized for the best user experience, with inclusivity at it's heart - enter Residence Connect

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