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Spacestor has created a series of expert panel discussions to hear from industry thought-leaders around the world on how to get the best from today's workspaces.

Watch our past panels below and stay tuned for our upcoming episodes!

Blueprints for the Future - Designing for Longevity and Sustainability
May 23rd

Chris Crawford, Gensler
Steve Collins, Workplace Architect
Deepak Parmar, MCM

Keeping it Simple - Designing an Experience That Comes Naturally
May 21st

Carlos Posada, Gensler
Julie Deignan, CBRE
Tanisha Krishnan, BNP Paribas

A Universal 5-Star - How to Design for Today's Unpredictable Workforce
May 2nd

Becky Lapale, Amazon
Lindsay Wilson, Corgan
Matt Rebbe, AECOM
Sarah Brown, tp bennett

Made to Bleisure - what the blurring of lines between workplace and hospitality mean for the office
February 21st

Tracey Martinez, Workplace Design Manager, Americas, Nokia
Collin Burry, Principal, Design Director, Gensler
Kristine Nguyen, Director, Real Estate Workplace Services, ServiceTitan

Toppling Convention - When a Workplace Becomes a Work-Platform
January 18th 2024

Amber Wernick, Director of Practice Development, Perkins & Will
Meg Craig, Global Workplace Director, Bentley Systems
Tatiana Lipsky, Space Management Designer II, Navy Federal Credit Union

Be Safe, Be Seen - Is FOMO Becoming a Key Workplace Driver?
November 29th

Kevin Sauer - CEO, Sauer Strategy Works 
Michael Vander Ploeg - Principal Regional Workplace Sector Leader, DLR

For Hearts vs Heads - The Secret of Experiential Design
October 11th

Carol Waldmann - Director of Real Estate, Hootsuite 
Steven Burgos - Director of Design Interiors, HOK
Katie Kossick - Workplace Design Lead, DoorDash 

An Activating Narrative - Operating and Engineering the Story Behind a Space 
15th September 

Camie Bingham - Senior Principal, Director of Design, OTJ Architects 
Tanisha Krishnan - Associate Director, Workplace Strategy and Change, BNP Paribas
Gip Johnston - Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate, The Home Depot 
Irene Georgakis - Associate Partner, Fletcher Priest Architects  

Learning from our Architectural Industry - Carbon Accounting vs Regenerative Design 
August 16th 

Naomi Sakamoto - Senior Associate, Studio Director, Gensler
Kim Le Geyt - Workplace Strategy & Change, Willis Towers Watson
Roger Phillips - New Concept Director, Spacestor

Autonomous, Augmented, and Authentic – Defining A Future Landscape for Work
July 26th

Darcy Mayfield - Remote Work Designer, Shift with Darcy Marie
Jeremy Reding - Senior Principal, Global Workplace Leader, DLR
Laila Von Alvensleben - Remote Work Coach & Collaboration Designer
Susannah Burock - Vice President, Global Workplace Strategy, Corporate Real Estate & Services, Swiss Re

An Immersive Approach – Understanding the Empathetic Landscape for Work
May 24th


Jack Pringle - MD at Studio Pringle
Jessica Ham - Associate Director at TP Bennett
Philippe Paré - MD at Gensler France
Ash Kaur - Workplace Design Lead at Oracle

The Greener Landscape for Work – Designing for Long-term Sustainability
May 23rd

Clare Bacchus - Global Lead at The Design House, Making Work, Barclays
Beatriz Gonzalez - Director, Head of Workplace Interiors at Scott Browning
Ezio Fabricio - Head of Real Estate at Northern Trust

The Destination Workplace – Adding Value through a Change of Purpose
March 15th

Kim Kolkovich - Head of Design at Knotel
Leah Bauer - Project Director at Gensler
Ronda Green - Director of Workplace Design and Furniture at Oracle

The Worthy Workspace of 2023 – Earning the Commute through Intentional Design
February 16th

Elizabeth Levine ASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP - Regional Design Director at Nelson Worldwide
Brent Arnold RID - Workplace Experience and Experimental Design at Indeed
Giselle Bonilla - Director of Global Real Estate & Capital Projects at Zendesk

Insights Live: Reflecting on a Post Pandemic Phenomenon
December 14th

- Brian Marchal - Global Workplace Director, Willis Towers Watson
Danielle Masucci - Director, Workplace Design, HDR
Stuart Oldridge - Workplace Leader UK & EMEA, CallisonRTKL

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Insights Live: Flex-washing - Is It Really Attracting Talent?
October 19th 

- Nathan Manuel – Workplace Experience Nerd, PagerDuty  
- Tina Facos-Casolo - Principal Architect, Workplace Effectiveness, Genentech
- Ian Reves - Design Director, IA Interior Architects

Insights Live: Workspace Repurposed: Catering to New Needs
June 14th

- Ike Cheung, Workplace Environment Manager, American Family Insurance 
- Jessica Gracey, Design Director, Senior Associate, Gensler 
- Matthew Rebbe, Senior Associate, Interior Design Director, Aecom


Insights Live: Making Hybrid Working Work - Shared Design Learnings
May 17th 

- Andie Moeder, Director of Workplace Strategy, Jacobs
- Tiffany Liem, Director DesignBrookfield Properties
- Corinne Murray, Chief Strategist, Purposeful Intent

Insights Live: Designing Sustainably Through Continual Change
April 6th

Jennifer Bryan - Director and Published Author, ABChange Consultancy
Charmi Deepak - Global Real Estate, Design & Construction Leader, Zendesk
Meena Krenek - Interior Design Director, Principal, Perkins&Will

Insights Live: The Future of Workplace, What to Expect in 2022
January 20th

Bryan Parker - Director of National Real Estate Policy, PwC
Isabel Fermoso Thompson - Global Workplace Design + Experience Lead, Uber
Lewis Barker, Director - Real Estate & Workplace Services, ServiceNow

Insights Live: Universal Design: A Holistic Approach to Workplace Experience
October 28th 

Lisa Kong, Principal, DLR Group
Omar Ramirez, Head of Workplace, Miro
Suzan Dixon, Head of Workplace, Standard Chartered Bank

Insights Live: What's Here to Stay and What's Gone for Good?
September 23rd

John Scherer, Global Workplace Strategist, Microsoft
Emily Klein, Director of Workplace, Perkins & Will
Dan Pontefract, Founder & CEO, Pontefract Group

Insights Live: Mitigating the Unknowns of Future Workplace Design
August 26th

Lisa Britz - Director of Workplace Design, LinkedIn
Bill Fedun - Director, Workplace Solutions, CUNA Mutual Group
Jayme Schutt - Director of Commercial Interiors, HKS Architects 

Insights Live: Considerate Over Corporate - Visual Programming in the Workplace
July 8th

In episode 25 of the Insights Series, we are looking at Considerate Over Corporate - Visual Programming in the Workplace. We will be joined by experts in the industry, who will be sharing some great knowledge, experiences and insights;

Jill Wheeler - Regional Director of Interior Design, Ewing Cole
Antony Wiltshire - Director of Workplace & Facilities, UK&I, Edelman

Insights Live: Enriching the Employee Experience
June 3rd

Robin Adams - Design Director, NELSON Worldwide
Larry Kelso - Workplace Consultant, Cresa
Jon Race - Managing Director, MCM Architecture

Insights Live: Building a Culture of Experimentation  

May 6th, 8.00PST/ 11.00 EST/ 16.00 BST

We've all just undertaken the biggest global experiment ever, and it was surprisingly successful.  New practices, procedures and technologies mean there's still many unknowns, so why wouldn't we continue that practical experimentation in our workplaces?  After all, innovation depends on it!  Continuous testing, or the perpetual beta principle presents a low risk and engaging way of trialling new concepts, whether it be working styles, office occupancy levels or suitable furniture, allowing organizations to discover the model most successful for them.  Join us as we hear from our expert panelists on this exciting topic!

James Lawrence - Design Strategist, Senior Associate, Gensler
Corinne Murray - Director of Workplace Strategy & Innovation, RXR Realty 
Birgit Gebhardt - Trend Expert in Future of Work and Design

Insights Live: From Corporate Conformity to Individuality
April 8th

Recent months have seen a shift from corporate uniformity to a focus on individuals.  A renewed recognition and respect not only for their unique skills & talents, but for their needs too.  And this is just as relevant in our workplaces – personalization is a great counterpoint to globalization and corporate conformity: human experiences are curated based on needs, cultural differences, personality and style, resulting in greater self-expression for employees and higher engagement with the goals of the organisation.  Join us as we discuss the impact of this movement on workspaces and design with our experts.

Don Watson - SVP Global Real Estate & Facilities, Oracle
Sonya Simmonds - Global Head of Design & Build, Spotify
Laura Guido-Clark - CEO, Love Good Color

Insights Live: Panel Debate: There is No New Normal 
March 4th

Possibly one of the most used phrases over the last year: ‘new normal’.  But will there be ONE new normal for workplaces?  We don’t think so.  With millions of people all around the globe affected, new best practises will vary across roles, organisations & industries resulting in various models of hybrid – this is no place for one size fits all.  Recent news has highlighted some companies transitioning to a permanent ‘work from anywhere’ solution, but in such a state of flux, only time will tell how successful these strategies will be. Join us this week to hear from global corporate workspace experts what’s actually happening in their organisations as we discuss the many new normals.

Assal Yavari- Senior Director of Global Workplace, Okta Inc
Andie Moeder- Director of Workplace Strategy, Jacobs
Francis Aquino- Workplace Leader, Ex-Honey, Headspace & Uber

Insights Live: Panel Debate: The Office Won’t Die – It Just Keeps Evolving   
January 28th

Enforced working from home has taught us there’s parts of the workplace experience we just can’t do without.  But mass-adoption of remote and hybrid working caused us to re-evaluate the purpose of the office, and the one thing that’s certain is continuous evolution.  To thrive on this change, we need flexibility.  Agility enables us to maximise performance, bringing a host of opportunities to both employer and employee alike.

What does this mean for design? And what are the implications on real estate portfolios? Join us as we discuss the role of flexibility will play in high-performing workplaces. 

Laura Walsh - Senior Director, Global Real Estate & Workplace, Avid Technology
David Heyburn - Managing Director, Edison Spaces
Mirko Wanders - Design Director, Senior Associate, Gensler

Insights Live: The Workplace in 2021: Reimagine, Reconfigure, Repopulate

December 10th
The learnings and experiences from 2020 will no doubt shape our workspaces in the future. But what will the real purpose of the office be in 2021? As consumer confidence lifts and companies around the world plan their re-entry strategies, what tools do they have to support their redesigns? Join us as we look on to a new year exploring these topics with our expert panellists.

Jesper Ambrosius - Head of Workplace Experience, The LEGO Group
Christina Cooper - Head of Design & Strategy, Knotel
Vincent Poon - Global Principal, Design, Unispace

Panel Discussion: Covid - Opportunity to Push Ahead or Excuse to Delay?

November 19th
Like any crisis, it’s how we respond to it that counts - some see it as a barrier and hunker down waiting for it to pass, while others see a golden opportunity. This otherwise unpleasant situation has forced new habits & behaviours, and forward-thinking companies around the world are seeing the pandemic as an accelerator for workplace transformation, since driving change has never been easier. Join us to hear the experiences of our global panellists on this topic.

Tahera Hammond- Global Head of Workplace, Ninety One
Adam Strudwick- Principal, Perkins & Will
Tamar Draper MahruSenior Director, Global Real Estate & Workplace, Twilio Inc.

Insights Live: The Changing Workplace- incremental advance or seismic shift?

October 22nd
History can show us many consequential changes made as a result of global crises - working from home is just one. But are these changes really the seismic shift touted by so many, or just acceleration of the inevitable?

Aaron Wong- AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Design Director, IA Interior Architects
Kim Frahm- Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate Advisory, Ernst & Young
Stefan Camenzind- Executive Director, Evolution Design

Insights Live: The Ascent of Workplace: Taylorism to Experienced-Based working

September 24th

Pre-pandemic, we’d reached a high point in workspace design. Individual needs were being provided for more than ever before in the history of the office, catering to not only activities (ABW) but preferences, needs and employee choice. Won’t this only be accentuated going forward?
Join us as we discuss the long-term elevation of the workplace experience with our experts Steve, AnnLouise and Andy.

Steve Gale- Head of Workplace Strategy, M Moser Associates
AnnLouise White- Global Lead, Workplace Experience, Verisk
Andy Swann- MAT Studios, Author, Speaker

Insights Live: The Future Workplace as a Hybrid Experience

August 20th

The Future of the Workplace does not lie in the binary decision of ‘home or office’, neither should one space compete with the other. For a truly productive experience, why wouldn’t they work together - a hybrid model giving the best of both? Join us as we cut through the headlines on this topic with our global workplace experts on a live panel discussion.

Thomas Jensen- Director of Design, OTJ Architects
Karen McCallum - Senior Director, CBRE
Peggie Rothe- Chief Insights & Research Officer, Leesman

Insights Live: Tech & The Distributed Workplace

July 23rd
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts.

Inabelle Fang- Senior Real Estate Manager, Willis Towers Watson
Jamie Feuerborn- Director of Workplace Strategy, Ted Moudis Associates

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace- The role of downtown workplaces vs suburban campuses

July 9th
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts.

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace

June 25th
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts. 

Michelle Osburn- Associate Principal, Perkins & Will
Daniella Bird- Design Director, Positive Space
Maud Santamaria- Workplace Experience Director, Mace Group

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace

June 11th
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts. 

Lindsay Wilson- President, Corgan
Rachel Edwards- Senior Strategist, Workplace Futures, Lendlease
Theresa Fesinstine- People & Culture Champion, Sage Realty

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace
May 28th

Robyn J. Romano-  Vice President, Senior Furniture Manager, JP Morgan Chase & Co
James Kerrigan- Design Principal Interiors, Jacobs
Barry Ludlow-  Principal, designrepublic

Insights Live: Workplace Trends Accelerated by Covid-19
May 21st
There's no doubt that Covid-19 has forced companies to rethink the way they operate. Some businesses have been trying to implement concepts such as the paperless office, remote working and digital transformation for years and suddenly, it had to be done overnight! As a result of this, other trends may take a backseat. Join us as we explore the implications of this in more detail!

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace
May 14th

Randall Whinnery- VP Design at Fidelity Investments
David Clemetson- MD at ADT Workplace 
Steve Collins- Associate Director at tp bennett

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace
April 28th
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts. 

Adrienne Rowe - Global Director, Workplace Strategy at Merck
Andy Swann - MAT Studios, Author, Speaker

Philippe Paré, AIA - Managing Director at Gensler, France

Insights Live: Thought-Leadership: The Post-Covid Workspace
April 23rd
We all know the Workplace will never look the same after this, but how will what we call our 'Workspaces' change? Join us as we discuss this with Thought-Leaders and Workplace Experts. 

George Muir- Futurist and Keynote Speaker. Owner of Udal Cuain AB
Rob Atkinson- Project Manager, Senior Associate at IA Interior Architects
Basia Dzaman- Digital Transformation at Spacestor

Insights Live: Dispelling the Myths Around Smart Lockers
Over the last few years, the way in which we view the humble office locker has really changed, from back-of-house our personal storage has been brought right into the hub of the working area. Join us as we create a step-by-step guide through the plethora of jargon to help you find your solution.

Insights Live: The Experiential Workplace- New York Design Centre Tour
Experience our cutting-edge NYC Flagship Design Centre! As a flagship destination it embodies the design principles of being global and local, heuristic, and cool, it uses the products in inventive ways to convey how Spacestor is reimagining workplace design and fostering innovation.

Insights Live: Designing Individuality with The Customizer  
Learn how to create unique spaces that convey your brand personality as we share how we've supported many world-class companies to achieve their workplace transformation with our Customizer and other office design tools and processes. 

Insights Live: Unpacking 5 of Our 2020 Workplace Trends
Watch as we unpack 5 of our 2020 Workplace Trends. All of our trends are interconnected, they all affect one another, and can all be combined into a great workplace. 

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