Consolidating their three London locations to create this new 80,000-square-foot office space in the Cottons Centre near London Bridge, Jacobs have created a flexible, collaborative space for their employees.
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Jacobs is a leading International design and technical consultancy - ranked in the top 20 practices in the country (AJ 100). For its new European flagship office in London at the Cottons Centre, they've combined three of their original London locations, into one, 80,000-square-foot office space!

The new London office is a homebase for approximately 1,000 people including some 800 technologists, engineers, urban planners, architects, economists and other specialists from the existing locations. Teams will work together to help tackle challenges like the need for clean air and water, placemaking, connectivity and security.

The Jacobs-designed office on the banks of the Thames, provides a flexible, collaborative and high-energy work environment for up to 1,000 employees as their homebase. The progressive workplace solution is designed to enhance employee engagement and work performance through a wide range of space typologies and settings. It's designed to support modular and flexible working styles, with hot-desking, standing desks and informal spaces for break-out sessions, one-to-one spaces and wellbeing rooms, as well as some 40 group and team spaces. Facilities also include cycle storage, showers and drying areas as part of Jacobs’ local Cycle to Work scheme.

We were privileged to partner with Workscape Limited, who provided our Railway Carriage Booths and Palisades Grid in collaboration with Aspect Office. The Railway Carriages, in a variety of vibrant colours create hubs for team collaborations and discussions, whilst the Palisades Grid creates divisions and neighbourhoods throughout the space, without needing to build walls. This provides their top talent with the appropriate mix of spaces and illustrates Jacobs' commitment to embodying their purpose and values of Challenging Today, Reinventing Tomorrow.

Photography Credits: Philip Vile ©

Central to this investment in skills, Jacobs says, is a commitment to develop the next generation of diverse talent. One-third of Jacobs’ 1,300 new staff in the UK in 2019 were graduates, interns and apprentices. As part of its strategy to continue developing talent, Jacobs is collaborating with the London Interdisciplinary School to create a new undergraduate programme integrated with the real world. Students will train to solve problems cross a variety of sectors.