Maximising potential and a vast variety of working environments. A clean, professional design without stifling creativity or comfort.
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Savills are experts in local and international property. They partnered with Squaredot to design their Birmingham office, endeavoring to seamlessly merge two cultures into one energetic, dynamic team. Agile working was a must to maximize the potential of the new location, as was the vast variety of working environments, a reaction to the needs of the employee. A clean, professional design without stifling creativity or comfort. 





In the hybrid working era, offices can be far from full and an agile, flexible working system is crucial especially when workforce growth is predicted. Different environments offer optimized conditions for varying work styles and varying tasks. The design respects that not everyone is same, and this must be tangibly provided for as a way of respecting employee requirements and wishes.

Spacestor Storagewall provides efficient, aesthetically subtle storage capacity and employees have a personal solution in Lockers. Banks of these are combined with Palisades Grid for a dual purpose of creating zones. Pops of biophilia inspire and living walls add color and vision to a corporate quality that percolates the space.

Efficient but responsive. Systemized but supportive. Savills new space is an extension of their brand, providing opportunities to develop relationships with employees and clients to build the trust and integrity their community is founded on.