You know employees need their own personal storage space, you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand.


But you’re thinking about a world without keys and codes, where lockers can be opened via an app on your phone, and personal storage control can integrate within a familiar platform. 


The app-controlled experience offers employees a streamlined, professional, and convenient personal storage solution. Worrying about keys, sizing restrictions or security are a thing of the past, as this system allows an easy and highly adaptive solution for employee needs.

Functional Familiarity

Integrating locker control into an app uses an interface which is familiar to employees. It is also ideal for companies where there is no separate fob/card system, or where they are steering towards an all-in-one cutting-edge tech system. The app-controlled locker - providing a convenient, user-oriented, and familiar experience for employees, a real solution for personal storage.  

Post Pandemic Ease of Mind

Employees universally may be worried about the spread of germs on a shared resource. A low-contact experience is enabled with RFID, app-controlled locking systems and allows employees to tap in and out with their existing fobs or cards, without the need to touch surfaces to unlock. This is a more considerate approach in a workplace where hygiene may be higher in the minds of employees than ever before. 

Gen Z Expectations

Generation Z, the generation of tech. When it’s no longer a craving or thrill, but an expectation. Incoming talent have learned to expect the integration of technology into everyday life, and lockers can be part of this. The app-controlled locker solution offers a sophisticated experience for the user, as well as ensuring a centralised management system with easy onboarding of new employees and detailed information on locker usage and functionality.

Which Locks are Available with an App-Controlled System?

RFID locks are all available with an app-controlled system and allow the necessary tech integration into application and current identification systems.

See an overview below of the available RFID locks and click here to learn more about the types of lock options and which system is right for you. 










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