Whitepaper: Envisioning the Workplace Return - Edition 2
Based on our ongoing panel discussions with leading industry minds, and an extensive amount of market research, we've identified four fundamental focus areas which will define the workplace in the post-pandemic world. Download your copy below.

What will the post-Covid workplace look like?” Undeniably, it’s the question dominating the world of commercial architecture and interior design right now. And whilst we can be as bold and dramatic as we wish in the predictions we might proclaim, the truth is, nobody can really predict the future. So we believe that now is the time for companies to be more flexible and resilient than ever, and adopt a new mindset that will enable them to evolve into this new era of the workplace meeting the ongoing and ever increasing pressures of fear and uncertainty. This global pandemic has not only radically interrupted our habitual working styles, but we’re also experiencing economic shock. And we’re constantly hearing these times being described as ‘unprecedented’. No one has ever experienced anything like this before, however we are all going through the same experience together, so it's a giant learning curve for everyone.  This whitepaper covers what we believe are four fundamental areas that will define the workplace from here on: employee safety & wellbeing, organisational culture, workplace operations & design strategy.  To stay connected with this topic, attend one of our upcoming panel debates by registering here.