Seating Roadshow

Knowing the value of employees enjoying their workspace and the furniture they are in touch with from day to day, we understand the need of finding the right chair for the workspace. 

And there’s nothing like trying it out for yourself so that’s why we’ve launched our tour of the seating roadshow. Travelling around the UK, we’re showcasing our new seating range, giving many companies the chance to test out our unique and innovative seating within their own workspace. 

This is the perfect opportunity to explore the ergonomic design of each seat to suit the needs of the user. The products will be set up and ready to use all in one place and companies will be able to see exactly where and how each piece could fit into their workspace. Presenting a range of task, visitor, and soft seating, we’re delighted to meet with many designers and architects who not only have a passion for great workspace furniture but are also on the edge of the current change in workspace trends and design.

We’re enjoying touring the country, and we’re hosting a lot more this month.  We’d love to stop by to see you and show you our range, just click here to get in touch and we’ll be along! Follow us on LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our seating roadshows, and we hope to see you soon!