Supporting Homelessness Through Depaul International
Through our ongoing 'Give a Room, Get a Room' partnership, we have made another donation to Depaul International, helping the charity to continue its life-changing work across seven countries

We are proud to reaffirm our commitment to supporting Depaul International's vital mission to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it. Through our ongoing 'Give a Room, Get a Room' partnership, we have made another donation to Depaul International, helping the charity to continue its life-changing work across seven countries - Ireland, Croatia, Ukraine, the US, Slovakia, France and the UK.

“Through our modular meeting room system, Verandas, it is fantastic to be able to collaborate with clients to support Depaul International! Recently, through a partnership with a global tech company, among many clients, we have been able to support Depaul with another donation to help in ending homelessness” – Tiffany Wilcox, Campaign Manager at Spacestor.


Depaul International, which was founded in 1989 to address the growing number of homeless people in London, has since expanded its operations to provide support in seven countries. During 2022 their subsidiaries have addressed the needs of over 134,000 individuals and responded to homelessness by making over 627,000 bed nights available, ensuring that those facing homelessness can be helped to get off the street and into safe and supported accommodation.

Jason, the Senior Philanthropy Manager at Depaul International, emphasized the importance of the partnership between Spacestor and Depaul. Both organizations share a similar approach, customizing their services to meet the unique needs of their clients. Just as Spacestor emphasizes the significance of a conducive working environment, Depaul believes in a vision of a society in which everyone, across the world, has a place to call home and a stake in their community.

Depaul International's impactful work is exemplified through inspiring case stories. One such story involves a young person named Callum who, after experiencing homelessness, found solace through Depaul's Nightstop Service in the UK. Callum's life was transformed when he was provided with a safe place to stay, a meal, and support. He went on to pursue his dreams, achieving his GCSEs and completing his fire service training, all thanks to the support he received from Depaul and its partners.

Another successful initiative by Depaul International is their Mobil’douche service in Paris and Avignon, which reaches out to rough sleepers, offering them not only showers but also a much-needed human connection. This approach has enabled countless individuals to regain their confidence, and ultimately transition off the streets into stable accommodation.

In light of recent events in Ukraine, Depaul's work has become even more critical. With donations from partners like Spacestor, the charity has been able to expand its support to over 30,000 individuals each day, by providing humanitarian aid, shelter in its accommodation projects and psychological support and creative activities for those affected by the ongoing conflict in its family hubs.

Depaul International expresses deep gratitude to Spacestor and its clients for their unwavering support. These contributions have played a pivotal role in transforming the lives of individuals like Maksym and his mother, Svitlana, who after fleeing their home in Kharkiv because of the shelling, found safety and hope through Depaul's services.

“At Depaul we are ever so grateful to Spacestor and their clients for supporting Depaul’s work with their donations, as it is critical for us to have key supporters, who help us to be able to continue to those people in most need, such as Callum, Maksym, and his mother Svitlana.” – Jason Eades, Senior Philanthropy Manager at Depaul International.

As the partnership between Spacestor and Depaul International continues to thrive, it is a testament to the profound impact that our clients can have on alleviating homelessness and making a positive difference in the lives of those in need. For every Verandas product that is sold one homeless person can be supported and offered shelter through Depaul International, enabling both Spacestor and our corporate clients to help in giving everyone a safe place to call home.

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