They’re Here! Three Cutting-Edge New Accessories for Palisades!
Committed to reacting proactively to the needs of our clients, we’re launching three new accessories for our Palisades which elevate zone division to another level

Refracted light, a mushroom milestone and softness through veneer, we’re excited to present the latest step in our Palisades journey! As the original zone divider continues to revolutionize how furniture can define space and Palisades Grid and II become cornerstone design elements in workspaces across the globe, we are committed to reacting proactively to the needs of our clients.

Therefore, as the new landscape for work demands a softer and less corporate look and feel, we’re launching three new accessories for our Palisades which not only elevate zone division to another aesthetic but add the value of inherent sustainability and enhanced performance! The first of their kind - learn about these exciting new additions below!

Prism Glass Panel
Unveiling a testament to beauty, nature, and inspiration! Our new prism glass panels are compatible with Palisades Grid and bring the charm of refraction to the workplace! The panels are crafted from a toughened safety glass and coated in a stunning dichroic film, where chameleon-like properties create a change in hue and color with every shift in the angle of observation. As a catalyst for the profound effect of natural light, Prism Glass Panels bring the workspace to life with warm radiant distortion, unique to this special Spacestor accessory. The film also carries an impressive M1 fire resistance rating, ensuring that the zone to create is not only beautiful, but safe.

Mycelium Panel
A game-changer in sustainable innovation with reputable credentials! Created from two simple ingredients - local agricultural waste and mycelium, this accessory is compatible with both our Palisades II and Grid ranges. The product is entirely biodegradable, simply breaking into small pieces and returning to mother nature, ensuring a minimal effect of the environment. Due to a porous structure and low density, the Mycelium Panels boast a remarkable sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies, ensuring acoustic protection in spaces throughout a larger floorplate. Their low density, high porosity, and low thermal conductivity create a natural fire-resistant barrier through a network of interwoven filaments, slowing down the spread of heat and flames.

Curved Plywood
Bringing a much sought-after softness to hard lines! Our new Curved Plywood accessories are compatible with Palisades II and Grid and focus on the resi-mercial trend, blending home and work, in the workplace today. Featuring the semi-circle, and circle, these stunning accessories are available in different depths and two sizes. Made with lacquered plywood, Curved Plywood Accessories have a strong association with Spacestor’s design history and show the growth and thought-provoking future of a softer, more empathetic workplace setting, home to the arches and curves which are so prevalent in current design.

Driven by constant future-forging innovation, space-creating and zone-division just climbed to another level! Reach out if you would like to learn more our new Palisades accessories here!

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