Top Ten 2016 Workspaces Of The Week

Last year we introduced our workspace of the week series where we explored some of the world’s most exciting and innovative workspaces.

Well-known companies such as Google and TripAdvisor have set the trends and created workspaces for that encourage collaboration and increase employees happiness. We’re inspired by each workspace and how they attracted and retained top talent using unique spaces filled with a variety of dynamic and tech-enabled furniture. Here are our top 10 workspaces of the week from 2016.

Lego Headquarters – Denmark
Our first top workspace of the week from 2016 is Lego’s fun and creative workspace filled with larger than life Lego pieces used as furniture for their employees. Lego’s aim for their workspace is to create an environment that encourages staff to mix and collaborate on creative projects while being inspired by their vibrant surroundings.  This stunning headquarters is due to be completed by 2020 and we’re looking forward to exploring the finished space.

Skype Headquarters – Silicon Valley
We’re inspired by Skype’s headquarters based in the heart of Silicon Valley that is designed to enhance a collaborative work ethic with its relaxed interior design and agile workspaces. To understand the needs for their employees, architects Design Blitz researched Skype's culture and introduced ‘agile thinking’ – how the environment can affect the employees thought process.  From this, they created a workspace with plenty of vibrant areas and modern equipment that caters to the wide range of personalities at Skype.

Etsy – Brooklyn
Etsy’s sustainable, creative and sociable workspace captured our attention with its unique space that is designed to promote a healthy and happy environment for its employees. The office is filled with natural light, large plants and beautifully handcrafted furniture that reflects Etsy’s ethos and promotes sustainability.  You’ll find a range of healthy activities including weekly yoga classes and creative craft workshops encouraging staff from all departments to socialise too.

TripAdvisor Headquarters – Massachusetts
Known for their travel advice and review website, TripAdvisor's headquarters is inspired by travel with each level branded as a continent. We’re inspired by their aim to create an ‘un-corporate’ headquarters and embrace the variety of cultures and work styles within their building.  With plenty of informal spaces filled with unique furniture and vibrant designs, we feel that TripAdvisor’s headquarters is certainly a place that will continue to attract top talent.

Microsoft Headquarters – Vienna
Designed to encourage happiness and foster creativity, Microsoft’s headquarters in Vienna boasts an open plan layout with an ultra modern design and a large slide too. As the world’s largest software maker, their workspace inspires and increases employees productivity with a dynamic and open plan environment.

WME/IMG – New York
Entertainment and talent agency WME/IMG’s workspace in New York City offers a striking design with sleek furniture throughout. We admired this workspace's open plan design and the ability to utilise the space with wall dividers – providing a multipurpose environment for staff and talent within the agency.  With high profile chefs creating meals, designer furniture and a trendy New York vibe throughout, this workspace will certainly attract the sophisticated talent.

Kwerk – Paris
Kwerk is a unique 24/7 co-working space based in Paris that boasts a stunning boutique hotel design and distinctive artwork. Designed for quirky and creative minds, this workspace is an open and agile environment perfect for sharing ideas and collaborating with the opportunity to enjoy well-being features such as a well-quipped gym and a yoga studio too.  As the designers of this space believe that ‘isolation is the enemy of creativity’ you’ll find plenty to sociable and collaborative areas to work in ensuring that no employee feels disconnected or alone.

Google – Cambridge, Massachusetts
As the trendsetters of inspiring workspace design, we had to include their vibrant workspace based in Massachusetts. Like all of Google’s workspaces, this office is home to unique rooms with fun elements such as a golf area, eclectic soft seating throughout and communal style eating areas, employees will feel at home in an environment designed to foster productivity and improve well-being too.  And with a large gym and fitness classes on site, it's no wonder that over 2 million people apply for a job at Google every year.

R/GA Headquarters - New York
Creative advertising agency R/GA's workspace caught our attention last year with their incredibly well-connected headquarters in New York. This simple yet innovative workspace consisted of 200,000 square feet of space complete with informal seating arrangements for impromptu meetings, sociable spaces for employees to collaborate and 30 large screens displaying images of work and projects produced by R/GA.  The use of modular furniture offered a flexible working environment and the agency even designed an app to keep all staff well connected and up to date with all the company news.

Samsung Headquarters - Silicon Valley
Last but not least is tech giant Samsung's headquarters in Silicon Valley. Their distinctive building is home to diverse spaces for the mixture of personalities including outdoor terraces, nap pod rooms and a fitness centre. In order to attract top talent in Silicon Valley, Samsung incorporated chill zones and games within the headquarters to ensure employees have plenty of places to unwind or take a break from work.  With a variety of collaborative and quiet areas to work in throughout the 10 story building, we're certain that Samsung's list of applicants will continue to grow.  We're looking forward to exploring more dynamic workspaces and trends this year including how each company aims to retain their top talent, inspires employees and attract the next generation of workers.

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